Covid 19 Vaccination - Tweed Coast Medical
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Covid 19 Vaccination

For the latest news and information about COVID-19 vaccines in Australia click here


Covid-19 vaccinations for Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca are available at Tweed Coast Medical and can be booked online here


How many Doses will I need ?

 2 doses of (Comirnaty) Pfizer 3 – 6 weeks apart

2 doses of (Vaxzevria) Astra-Zeneca 8 – 12 weeks apart

There must also be a 2 weeks gap between other vaccines such as Influenza vaccines.


Is it Free?

The Covid-19 vaccine is free for all Australian Citizens, Permanent Residents + Visa holders.


Want to Know More about the Vaccines:

COVID-19 vaccination FAQs


Please note:-

As our receptionists are extremely busy answering non Covid patient enquiries, please don’t call about the vaccines.

We thank you for your understanding.