FAQ - Tweed Coast Medical
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How do I get a Repeat Prescription?

To ensure you do not receive more prescription medications than you currently need, our doctor’s will issue you a script for six months only. If your doctor is agreeable to ongoing scripts for certain medications, 24 hours’ notice is required for a repeat script. A fee of $10.00 applies.  If your last appointment to your doctor is greater than six months, an appointment will need to be made.   This enables us to monitor your health and fulfill our ethical and legal responsibilities.

Can reception give me a Sickness Certificate?

A certificate can only be issued after an examination by a doctor, therefore an appointment needs to be organised.

Does Tweed Coast Medical have an Interpreter Service?

We can help you organise an interpreter to assist with any language barriers using an ‘over the phone’ method when required. This is the telephone interpreter service 1300 131 450.

Can I telephone my doctor?

The Doctors at Tweed Coast Medical are not able to take calls during patient consultations. However, reception staff can take a message for your doctor.

Why do the staff keep checking my address details are correct?

This is for our Reminder System. It is important for you to keep our records of your current address and details updated at all times. Therefore the staff may query you in relation to your data. We are committed to preventative care and may send a reminder notice via mail, sms text or email, offering you an appointment in relation to preventative healthcare.

How are my files managed by Tweed Coast Medical?

Your medical information is confidential; however Tweed Coast Medical often forwards certain medical information to other medical organisations ie. immunisation register. This is normal practice and is only for the benefit of patient health. All information at Tweed Coast Medical is handled according to the present Privacy Act. Should you require further details, please speak to the practice manager.

How can I get my medical results?

It is the policy of this practice to have all patients return for a consultation for their results. Remember to phone the practice for results and follow-up appointments.

How can I submit Patient Feedback?

Our friendly staff members are available to help you where ever possible.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions on how we can improve our practice and our service.

If you have a complaint please ask to talk with our Practice Manager or

Email your feedback to:


Should you feel your complaint has not been dealt with by our practice, you can contact the Health Care Complaints Commission on 1800 043 159.